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Extreme Frisbee Golf

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I had helped set up the flag-studded 5 gallon pails for the frisbee golf game at the family reunion. Some were short throws, some longer. Most were sited on flat places from which to fling the disc, but one was on a little sidehill.

I was in second place among 6 by the time we reached that sidehill lie.  I took a mighty flip, and heard a “snap” from my right (downhill) side. A sudden pain lanced through me and my knees buckled, sending me crashing down. My right foot suddenly ached with a fierce pulse as I pulled myself to my feet.

My right 5th metatarsal had broken, meaning the long bone to my little toe. I’ve been limping around in a walking boot ever since. 6-8 weeks is the prognosis.

Oh, I did manage to come in second in the game.


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August 24, 2015 at 9:12 pm

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Child predators murder people

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The person who preys on children is rather like a skunk, in that their stench affects a lot more people indirectly than directly. (And my apology to our stripey friend.)

Consider how many children will die younger than necessary because their parents fear abduction. As a result, the kids don’t get the freedom to romp and race around that their parents had. That early exercise has been proven to add healthy years to one’s life, so by denying youngsters that, the predator is committing slow motion murder.

When a victim wounded during a robbery dies later of injuries suffered during that crime, the perpetrator is upgraded to murderer. By this reasoning child predators are murderers as well..

So why does our society treat such individuals with leniency?

They should be removed from society permanently. We owe it to our future.

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February 16, 2015 at 7:40 pm

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Table for One

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My 94-year-old mother was invited to a fashion show at an American Legion post in Roseville, MN. It’s a semiannual event. Depending on the season, it’s filled with more than 100 ladies looking at new spring or fall fashions while they eat and visit.
I had chauffeur duty, so I had brought my book. Once mom was ensconced, I retired to the dimly-lit bar to wile away the time until she was ready to leave.
In addition to tables in the dining hall, many of the tables inside the bar were set up for the fashion show with tablecloths. Set away from the others was a solitary table with a single chair next to the sliding door. Heck, it already had a table setting. There was even a red rose in a vase.
I assumed the table for one was part of the fashion show seating, so sat away from all the tablecloths to grab a bite of lunch and have my beer. It was dim where I sat, and since my cataract surgery I need more light to read. That single table had the best lighting from the big glass door next to it, and I kept glancing over at it.
I was just nerving myself to go over and sit at that solitary table when I looked at the cover on the back of the chair.
In black and white, above the image of a man, was stitched “POW-MIA”.

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April 8, 2013 at 11:54 pm

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Ray Lewis of Baltimore Ravens can’t moonwalk

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He’s too damn big. But it appears he can do the Jupiterwalk.

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January 14, 2013 at 4:51 am

It was a Longshot that paid off

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The LongShot pad

This has numerous sheets for putter, woods and irons.

After 35 years, I finally realized a problem in my swing (only one?). I’m set to go out on Tuesday for the first time this year at GolfTodayMagazine‘s tournament in Napa, Calif. at Eagle Vines golf club, so decided to hit a few balls at the range.

For 10 years I’ve had a pad of faceplate-shaped carbon-paper adhesive sheets called LongShot Maximum Distance System that you put on the faceplate of the club matching the sweetspot and grooves. It was a lazy day, so I decided to try them again. I’ve usually only used one faceplate and didn’t really learn much. This day, however, I settled down to really try to plumb my swing.

When you hit a ball, the impact of ball against face leaves an impression of the dimple pattern in the carbon-paper sheet so you can see where on the club you’re hitting the ball. Obviously, you want to hit it right in the sweet spot. If you’re always up, down, left or right, you can adjust your swing. These are impact recorders, in short.

Is this a clue to consistent shots?

I suddenly realized my pattern was toward the hosel side of the club…every shot. I was standing too close to the ball! So I started to move back. I put the club on the ground, then adjusted my stance so the handle was against my leg, then moved back so I could put my fist between leg and handle. I used up five faceplates worth, but by the time I was done experimenting, I was hitting on the sweet spot and the ball was consistent and straight. Well, sorta straight.

It was such an exciting development, I had to share it.

See ya. Lemme at the course

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April 16, 2011 at 6:37 pm

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Free Advice, Freely Given

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That’s a line from a Louis L’Amour novel I’ve always liked. And now that I’m writing for eHow under dale662, it’s fitting.
Take a look at what I’ve got so far. It’s about writing, but that’s what I’ve done for the last 40 years.
As for my growlin’ Ford E350? It only has 2-wheel drive, and when it gets stuck in a rut in snowy Minnesota, it gets stuck.

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March 21, 2010 at 2:52 am

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Motorhome Madness

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For years I’ve been looking and dreaming about trailers. I own two already, a 19′ and a 31′, both Prowlers. Of course, now that Fleetwood has declared bankruptcy, it makes it a little less attractive to own one of their products. Not to mention their closing American plants to shift production to Mexican ones infuriates the very people they hope to sell to: the lower and middle class.

After all, when’s the last time the Donald hung his combover out the window of a motorhome as his apprentice du jour drove? It isn’t the rich that are customers for trailers and motorhomes, at least not the low-end ones Fleetwood makes.

At any rate, I’ve started to shift my focus from trailers to motorhomes. It all began when my girlfriend asked about the buses–conversions, actually–I was looking at, as a costsaving idea, “Couldn’t you buy a bus and then haul a little auto inside it?”

H’mm. Interesting. Of course, most of the buses I looked at were physically very high, to make room for storage. You’d need a mountain goat of a car just to get it inside the body of the unit. But conversions were much less expensive than buying a tow vehicle to pull a trailer. I mean, $2500 for an old one. And these are units that can travel a million miles, so they say.

However, most of them seemed to require some sort of mechanical expertise, and my specialty is writing. So I thought I’d look at a motorhome, specifically the Airstream, which also has a good longrange record. And that’s what I’m up to nowadays. Older ones seem to have as good or better quality as newer, so I’m on the hunt.

Once I get situated, I’m on the road toward lots of golf. Great fun, eh? Plus, my 90-year-old mother would love to visit an old friend who lives 1000 miles away, and this way she could do it in comfort. We’ll see.

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March 29, 2009 at 1:55 am