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Light Fire with Fire

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I was peacefully camped in my Prowler near the St. Croix River in a Minnesota state park, when a group of young Chinese students approached my campfire.
“We are camping near you, and can’t get our campfire to stay lit. Can you help us?”
They had piled a stack of damp wood on top of some crumpled newspaper, which burnt away without starting the wood.
I had a sack of easy-start instant-light briquets (which come saturated with starter fluid) in the storage locker in my trailer, so gave them a few with instructions to pile them together under their logs. The briquets soon resulted in a merry blaze for the youngsters to roast their marshmallows, hot dogs, etc.
So if you’re RVing and need a way to get your fire going, invest in a bag of these things. They seem to last for years, and since you aren’t using them to cook over, the fumes shouldn’t be a problem.i


Written by rvgolfer

June 15, 2013 at 3:57 am

Posted in camping, Minnesota, rving

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