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Table for One

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My 94-year-old mother was invited to a fashion show at an American Legion post in Roseville, MN. It’s a semiannual event. Depending on the season, it’s filled with more than 100 ladies looking at new spring or fall fashions while they eat and visit.
I had chauffeur duty, so I had brought my book. Once mom was ensconced, I retired to the dimly-lit bar to wile away the time until she was ready to leave.
In addition to tables in the dining hall, many of the tables inside the bar were set up for the fashion show with tablecloths. Set away from the others was a solitary table with a single chair next to the sliding door. Heck, it already had a table setting. There was even a red rose in a vase.
I assumed the table for one was part of the fashion show seating, so sat away from all the tablecloths to grab a bite of lunch and have my beer. It was dim where I sat, and since my cataract surgery I need more light to read. That single table had the best lighting from the big glass door next to it, and I kept glancing over at it.
I was just nerving myself to go over and sit at that solitary table when I looked at the cover on the back of the chair.
In black and white, above the image of a man, was stitched “POW-MIA”.


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April 8, 2013 at 11:54 pm

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