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What’s Not To Like About Golf?

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At my sister’s farm in the California foothills, you wake up with the chickens whether you want to or not. Or, not even with the chickens: there’s one particular rooster that starts bellowing about the time a faint glow begins on the horizon. The rest keep their heads under their wings.

I haven’t decided whether it’s the one in the pen, or the straggler that roams around loose, roosting in a tree at night. A bobcat trimmed her flock down by about 30 fowl before it was trapped, and she was left with a little group of chicks that one hen had. These are in the pen; the outsider was left on her farm.

At any rate, once the perp hollered me awake, I lay there in the dark (not even the turkeys were awake) thinking about golf. I tried to decide, what do I like about the game? I’m not very good, so it’s not because I excel at it.

Part of my fondness for the game is that it’s a reason to get out into nature, where I can breathe the fresh air and get a little exercise as I walk around the course. Like so many of us Puritan ethic types, I have to have justification for doing something enjoyable. So, I can feel productive about golf, even though it’s the productivity of “getting a better score than ever before.”

There’s the comradeship of playing against my buddies, with that secret glow when I do ally beat them on a hole.

We’re enrolled in a private club, we golfers, playing a game that can last a lifetime, unlike more active sports. We have our secret grip (usually overlapping), special paraphernalia, rules we all agree on, even a unique language (par, bogey, etc.).

Finally, there’s a quiet satisfaction when I do make a good shot, or roll in a tricky putt. Oh, it’s countered by dissatisfaction when I can’t make good shots consistently, but those little flashes light up my soul.


Written by rvgolfer

November 21, 2008 at 7:56 pm

Posted in golf

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