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Golf Show Video

The Twin Cities Golf Show is a done deal, with a lot of vendors showing everything from the latest in down-filled pillows to special wallets designed to cure sciatica. (Leave the money out, and you won’t have that aching bulge.)
Oh, sure there were golf products galore. I videotaped the Smart Stick, a twin-laser stick designed to help you get the correct swing plane, and the Tee Towel, a handy piece of fabric with the correct foot positions and ball placement marked to make a repetitive swing easier.
This is the first golf show I’ve videotaped. In fact, it’s only the second show I’ve done: the first was the TC RV Show earlier in the month.
I videotaped at this one all three days it ran. When I checked the tape after the second day’s work, the camera had totally messed up the sound. There was endless static, and instead of outputting 6 or 7 complete clips into the editing suite, each burst of static fooled the software into thinking it was a new clip. By the time I turned the equipment off, the software showed 150+ individual clips.
Sunday I went down with new equipment, and a new tape. After reviewing it during the show, and last night, it appears to be good. Once I get it edited, I’ll put it on this website.


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February 25, 2008 at 3:35 pm

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