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RV Show is over, Golf Show coming!

The Minneapolis St. Paul RV show was held at the Convention Center in frigid Minneapolis from 2/8-2/10, with vehicles from $1500-$450,000 on display. I attended Friday night and videotaped various units and some interviews, then did some rough edits on Saturday, following up with another session Sunday to try and fill in necessary information.
All of this footage I plan to assemble into at least one show for Minneapolis Telecommunications Network, and I’ll probably break that down into a number of shorts to plug into the ‘net.
In the next few weeks I will get together with some of the vendors to add extra information.
Meanwhile, I’m going to try and get permission to videotape the Minneapolis Golf Show starting 2/22. This will allow me to interview some of the pros and course managers from a wide variety of venues, both in the Twin Cities and outstate as well. Plus, perhaps I’ll get a chance to play with some of the new equipment.
Again, I’ll put together a show for MTN and some shorts for the ‘net.
Keep an eye here.


Written by rvgolfer

February 11, 2008 at 4:32 pm

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