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Fall Golf

I get disgusted with Blogger at times: this is another time I’ve written something, then when I preview it everything disappears. Ridiculous.
Inver Wood was great. Not much wind, nor many leaves.
For a state that was mostly sanded flat by 2-mile-high glaciers during the last ice age, Minnesota still has a few ups and downs. Inver Wood enjoys some of them, from its tee at #1 to that same hole’s raised green, doglegged left from a valley.
Lightning must be ferocious in this locale, if the number of warnings against it is any indication. The rain hut on #5 was more the size of a cattle shed, with two rows of seats. At the far end was a soft drink machine and “Restrooms”, which consisted of one portapotty.
It’s a very pretty course, however, and not expensive at $31.50 for 9 and half a cart. With all the hills, and my bad knees, I’m glad we took one.
It’s only a few minutes from the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, so if you’re in town on business and have a little time, you can get there for a quick round.


Written by rvgolfer

October 15, 2007 at 8:37 pm

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