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Free campgrounds in Minnesota
Or, if they aren’t free, they are low cost.

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This is just the first version I’ve put together, so I’ll be adding to it as I continue.
Some are for RVs only; others offer tent camping.
Hidden Greens Golf Course
Just south of Hastings, Minn., on Hwy 61, is a challenging yet inexpensive course named for the way so many of its greens are tucked away in a heavily-wooded area.
I played the back nine yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The narrowness of the fairways through the surrounding woods is the major obstacle on this nine, as there wasn’t much sand or water. Errant shots, however, are accompanied by the sounds of “swish” as they burrow through leaves, or a sharp “crack” when a ball slams into an elm or maple. (I saw at least two shots bounce back past the golfer when they hit a tree too squarely.)
At $18 for 9 plus a cart at twilight rates, it’s very affordable. Part of the reason for the low cost is its distance from Minneapolis/St. Paul, and its close proximity to another course, Bellwood Oaks, which I’m told is longer and tougher.
At this time of year, leaves begin to be troublesome, but they are certainly beautiful as long as they know their place. The little chill in the air hints of things to come, but for now the wise Minnesota golfer enjoys the moment.


Written by rvgolfer

September 28, 2007 at 3:40 pm

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