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California Bound with a stopover in Carson City
This earthbound life in Minnesota is going to come to a halt for awhile, as I gather myself for a trip to Carson City, Nev., to go to the Golf Today tournament.
I’ll start by making my way down to Sioux City, Iowa, to visit my son and his family for a few days. Then I’ll make the long trek by auto toward the west. Who knows, while I’m out there, perhaps I’ll bump into Tioga and George. George travels around in a secondhand motorhome, summers north, winters in Baja, and as of this writing he’s in Santa Cruz, Calif., where I went to high school in the late ’50s.
I won’t be able to really use this blogsite for my golf and rv writing for another couple of years, God willing. (I own the RVGolfer.com website as well, but haven’t begun to develop it yet.)
When my appointed stint in the workaday world ends, I plan to go on the road, visit strange and unusual courses and people, and write about them.
For now, it’s the infrequent article for different publications, such as the ones I’ve done for Golf Today: Siren National, for instance, where a town recovers from a tornado touchdown; Voyager Village, where I scored a hole in one on an airplane (maybe); and the Governor’s Golf Opener at Braemar in Edina, MN.
We’ll see what happens in Carson City.


Written by rvgolfer

September 29, 2006 at 6:17 pm

Posted in travel

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