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Tiger’s Unfair Advantage

The average kid growing up in the U.S. doesn’t get to play golf that often, unless they’ve got parents with moolah. Even then, it’s a pretty costly hobby. (And getting more expensive all the time.)

Tiger’s dad, Earl, though, was in the U.S. military. One thing about the military: they enjoy a lot of golf courses, and they get to play at a much lower rate than you and I. There may not be as many courses available now, with all the recent base closings, but for a while they had some premiere ones.

So, Tiger got to play…and play…and play. I’m sure he had the natural skills already, but it certainly didn’t hurt to get a lot of time on the course.

Take a look at this article by David Holland to read about some of these military courses. One is listed in its top ten by Golf Digest, for heaven’s sake.


Written by rvgolfer

August 3, 2005 at 8:41 pm

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