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King Tut Tut Exonerated

OK, not exonerated, simply found not guilty in this case. 2,500 reporters covering a Made for Media event. Shakespeare said it best (as always)”Much Ado About Nothing.” Tabloids of the Air. And not just Fox.

I was looking forward to seeing the first King Tut on the Today show, but the fawning got to me. I’m glad I only have one eye; watching big black gas-guzzling SUVs drive back and forth gets boring after 10 seconds. Watching big white-haired gas-spewing lawyers bleat back and forth gets boring after 1.

We’re not the only country that gets caught up in trivia, either. The Arab TV station El Jazeera (sp?) even broke into a program with the report from Santa Maria, Calif., site of the trial. They said Saddaam Hussein wanted his trial moved there.

I was complaining to a friend about how my eye doesn’t blink, and we talked about the weights you can attach to your eyelid to draw it closed. He said “You’d better watch out, though. That eyelid will have all kinds of muscle.”

I responded, “Oh, great. All I need is iceps.”


Written by rvgolfer

June 14, 2005 at 1:16 pm

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